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haydn, Mozart, cherubini, cimarosa

Stefano Miceli, Piano

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1.   Franz Joseph Haydn                Sonata no 59 in E flat major, Hob. XVI:49

2.   Luigi Cherubini                         Sonata n. 3 in B flat major

3.   Domenico Cimarosa                Sonata n. 1 in A major

4.   Domenico Cimarosa                Sonata n. 2 in D minor

5.   Domenico Cimarosa.               Sonata n. 3 in C major

6.   Domenico Cimarosa.               Sonata n. 4 in A major

7.   Domenico Cimarosa                Sonata n. 5 in F major

8.   Domenico Cimarosa                Sonata n. 6 in A minor

9.   Domenico Cimarosa                Sonata n. 7 in A minor

10. Domenico Cimarosa                Sonata n. 8 in A minor

11. Franz Joseph Haydn                Sonata N. 30 in  D major Hob. XVI: 19

12. Wonfgang Amadeus Mozart   Ten Variations in G major, K. 455
"Unser dummer Pöbel meint” by C.W. Gluck

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Total Time: 72:02

During the era of Court Music in Europe in the 1700's that was marked by the great works of Luigi Cherubini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart e Franz Joseph Haydn, Domenico Cimarosa was considered the greatest exponent of the Neapolitan School, a distinction that won him a place among these great names.


These brilliant musicians are looked upon the most refined of their time.


Their Sonatas and Variations present the bygone elegance of the grand European Courts of the day, but they do yet give motive to experience and learn their particular sound and quality today.

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Stefano Miceli has performed wide acclaim throughout Europe, America, Australia and Asia, and is equally active as pianist and conductor.

He has earned the applause of audiences at Berliner Philharmonie, Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, Leipzig Gewandhaus, Beijing's Forbidden City Concert Hall, La Fenice Venice theatre and elsewhere.

He lives in New York and he made his New York City soloist and conductor debut at Carnegie Hall in 2010 with the Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra.

Stefano Miceli became a Steinway Artist in 2011 . 

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(October 2018) 

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Recording studio: Patrych Sound Studios, New York Engineering and mastering: Joseph Patrych

Photo credit: Foto Quaranta by Sonia Quaranta

Piano: Steinway & Sons Model D

Recorded: 2018

Made in U.S.A 

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